MTC Touch Infrastructure 

Mobile Interim Company 2 – MIC2, or otherwise now known as Touch, is a leading company in the mobile telecommunications sector in Lebanon with over 2 million users. Climacond Middle East SAL has had the privilege to work with this company and supply it for around 180 sites around Lebanon with its distinguished brands to be ready and fully equipped for activation. Those sites are spread around Lebanon from its North (Akkar, Tripoli, Chakka, Halat, Amchit, Ajaltoun, Nakkash, Zouk Mosbeh, etc.) down to its South (Dammour, Debbiyeh, Jadra, Dalhoun, Saida, Tyr, Ghassanieh, Joun, Nabatieh, Temnin, Kana, etc.)and up to its mountains (Aramoun, Chahrour, Alley, Baskanta, Sawfar, Hamana, etc.) and its Bekaa Valley (Hermel, Ksara,Torbol, Kharayib, Ablah, Brital, Jdita, etc. ) and last but not least to its Capital Beirut (Badaro, Jeitawi, Sofil, Tal Zaatar, Ozai, Chiyah, etc.).

Climacond Middle East SAL was known for its impeccable organization and fast delivery of goods to fulfill all of Touch’s needs at that time. This alliance has started since 2009 and still carries on to this date. Climacond Middle East SAL supplied Touch the following Outdoor &Indoor A/C units 36000 btu Lennox Models in the year 2009 with 289 of them, in the year 2010 with 22 of them, in the year 2011 with 8 of them, and in the year 2012 with 46 of them.

As professionals and trustworthy people in the field, Climacond Middle East SAL has also offered through the years its warranty to its brands for any malfunctioning to replace or repair a faulty item. We guarantee that our international brands are reliable and efficient to give the best results any place any time. Climacond Middle East SAL has stayed true to its loyal customers and will always stand by their side to accompany them in their development and give them the best solutions in the most innovative way.

"Forward thinking 2009"