Going into the 21st century, the century of fast technologies and innovations, the world has realized that it is essential to stop a moment and think about the environment around us. Going Green is a growing concept that is being proven to being more important by the second.

We at Climacond Middle East SAL believe in positive change and improvement and look forward to implementing them in our workplace. Going Green has been one of our main motives for the past couple of years. In addition to having Environmental and Economic benefits, it also has Health and Community benefits in which we care a lot about. In short some of those benefits are:

1- Economic benefits:
• Reduce operating costs
• Enhance asset value and profits
• Improve employee productivity and satisfaction
• Optimize life cycle economic performance
• Become a selling point to potential buyers
• Increase the market for an engineer’s or contractor’s skills

2- Environmental benefits:
• Improve air and water quality
• Reduce solid waste
• Conserve natural resources
• Enhance and protect ecosystems and biodiversity

3- Health and community benefits:
• Improve air, thermal, and acoustic environments
• Enhance occupant comfort and health
• Possibly limiting growth of mold and other airborne contaminants that can affect worker productivity and/or health

Throughout our 30 years on the work field, we have found out that HVAC systems that are properly installed, diagrammed, and maintained can reduce utility costs as well as help the environment. Understanding the HVAC system can help you save energy and money. Going Green is such a wide world. We believe that once you start then there are infinite ways to make our world a better place to live in. So Go Green!

" Forward thinking not just for our clients but for the environment"